Check Out This RB25-Powered Mazda RX-7 Drift Machine

This Frankenstein is part FC3S RX-7, part Skyline RB25, and totally awesome.

It looks like a Mazda RX-7, acts like a RX-7, but wait just a second! Jared Perry of Hakone Motorsports brought his Mazda FC3S to the Hoonigan Garage and shared a little surprise under the hood — a fresh Nissan Skyline RB25DET engine swap.

The straight-six RB engines are known for its willingness to take power, but it’s still an uncommon recipe, especially when compared to a Chevy LS or even the Toyota 2J. According to Perry, the marriage was a product of circumstance as the FC was purchased as a shell and a friend had an RB lying around that he was looking to sell.  

In fact, Perry even admitted the RB swap comes out to a little over a hundred pounds heavier than swapping the V8 LS. Sure, the small block may make a little more sense from that perspective, but nonetheless, the novelty of seeing an RB shoved into an FC is totally worth it. Perry’s RX-7 makes 415 reliable horsepower and 390 lb.-ft. of torque at 14 pounds of boost.

Inside, the Mazda-Nissan relations continues as we see a 240SX dashboard fit like a glove with only a sensible notch on the corners to accommodate space for the welded roll cage. Nissan’s S13 just seems to be one of those platforms that plays well with Frankenstein projects, with odd components that are somehow compatible with other cars. Who knew an S13 dash was ever a modular option for FC owners?

Despite the amount of work done to make the swap work, Perry plans to do nothing more than beat the crap out of it at the track at every given opportunity. Setup for drifting, the FC3S features a set of BC coilover suspension, Cosmis wheels, Haltech electronics, and hydraulic handbrake. 

Of course, nobody lives the Hoonigan garage without putting on a little bit of a show. Check out Jared Perry pulling some burnouts in his RB FC3S in the video below: