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This 1,100-HP Mazda RX-7 Is More Evidence for V8 Swap Believers

Purists will not like this 1988 FC RX-7. It's got 1,100 horsepower going for it, though. Which is nice.

’80s Japanese car enthusiasts that have been following the market will know the prices of used FC and FD RX7s have steadily risen over the past number of years—maybe it’s the brap-life nostalgia, or maybe it’s because clean examples come few and far between. So when Will Tetro brought his immaculate 1,100 horsepower 1988 Mazda RX-7 to the Hoonigan HQ, aka the Donut Garage, it’s no surprise that Hert left all the “work” on his desk to drool over this rotary hero.

Yes, Tetro’s stealthy FC RX-7 makes 1100 horsepower, but the “rotary hero” part was a lie. Instead of a glorious turbocharged 4-rotor 26B, Tetro threw out the heart of the RX-7 for a twin-turbo LS3. On one hand, getting rid of the temperamental Wankel engine for the sturdy small block makes perfect sense from a reliability standpoint, but deep down, we’re definitely disappointed to learn there’s one less “pure” RX-7 on the road.

But if we shut the hood and tune out the never-ending rotary vs. V8 debate, we still have one gorgeous car. Continuing the duality of its JDM origin and American organ transplant, Tetro’s RX-7 combines a JDM RE-Amemiya style aero bumper and rear diffuser combined with wide body fenders by California-based Hot Line Performance. What’s more, the tasteful rear wing is, in fact, a universal Pro Mod carbon drag wing cut to fit the hatch of the FC. It’s a mish-mash of bits, but it works cohesively to make this 29-year-old car a real attention grabber.

Last but not least, Tetro notes that despite its power output and show-stopping exterior, the fully-built FC RX-7 is intended to be a competent street car, with decent road manners as well as air conditioning and heat.

Check out Will Tetro’s sick turbocharged V8 RX-7 in the YouTube video by Hoonigan below: