Check Out T-Pain’s Sweet 1994 Honda Accord in Person in Atlanta This Weekend

T-Pain’s one-of-a-kind Accord will be showcased at an eBay Motors event in Atlanta over Memorial Day weekend.

byKyle Cheromcha|
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eBay Motors

Rapper, producer, podcast host, Twitch streamer, drift team owner, complete and total gearhead—there are lots of labels you can slap on a guy like T-Pain, who's parlayed his AutoTune fame into a sprawling second act where he seems to be doing a little bit of everything. But cars have always been at the forefront for him. Specifically, there's one he treasures above all else that you might not expect for someone with tens of millions of dollars in career earnings: his 1994 Honda Accord.

As the pictures show, though, it's no ordinary Accord. And you can see for yourself this weekend in Atlanta, where the car be on public display for the first time at an event put on by eBay Motors to promote its new Guaranteed Fit program—the idea being if eBay Motors can guarantee a part will fit your specific car, you're more likely to buy it and try installing it yourself than overpaying a random shop to do the work.

Here's the deal: From May 27 to 29 from 10a to 6p, eBay Motors is hosting a pop-up called "Renew Your Ride" where you can consult with a variety of experts to look over your car and identify any necessary fixes or potential mods. Once that's done, you have the option of buying parts that are guaranteed to fit with up to a $200 credit. It all goes down at 6569 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30328. Reserved timeslots are fully booked, but they're still accepting a limited number of walk-ins/drive-ups. We recommend getting there early.

To prove this whole Guaranteed Fit thing is legit, eBay Motors got with T-Pain and our friends at Donut to fix up his Accord with a number of needed maintenance items and overdue upgrades. Quick backstory on the car, the "Bel-Cord" as T-Pain calls it. He bought it off a friend back in 2006 with the vision of making an homage to a 1956 Chevy Bel-Air. It's also got a custom single-piece body (only the hood, doors, and trunk are separate panels) and air suspension—plus like any 30-year-old car, plenty of deferred maintenance.

Relying solely on eBay's little Guaranteed Fit checkmark, T-Pain ordered a bunch of parts and mods on his own and roped in Donut Media to help install them. The list includes basic stuff like a new alternator and spark plugs, plus not-so-basic stuff like new PowerStop brake rotors, pads, and calipers; a double-DIN Kenwood head unit with a backup camera; and an Invidia cat-back exhaust and an underglow kit. And what do you know: it all bolted up and screwed into place without a hitch.

We're all for anything that makes it easier for people to take that first leap into wrenching. But even if you've already got greasy knuckles, this weekend's event is worth a stop should you be in or passing through the Atlanta area. Tomorrow the Donut guys will be there to meet fans, along with other big names from the Atlanta car scene. Music, food, cars—what else do you need to kick off a great Memorial Day weekend?

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