Buy This Flood-Damaged $1M Ferrari SF90 Stradale on Copart. We Dare You

Complex Ferrari components and water don’t mix well. But who’s up for an adventure anyway?

byNico DeMattia|
Ferrari News photo

Back in June, an underground parking garage in Miami packed with exotic and luxury cars flooded during a major rainstorm, totaling every single high-dollar ride. Among the casualties cataloged in a viral video were several Rolls-Royces, a Ferrari Roma, an AMG GT Black Series, and a lovely red-and-black Ferrari SF90 Stradale. While most people looking for a pre-owned supercar would try their best to stay away from one with flood damage, others might do the opposite. If you're the type to run towards danger, check this: an identical flooded Ferrari SF90 just popped up at Miami Copart auction, and it looks to be the same one from that basement.

We haven't been able to fully confirm that it's the car in the video, but it rocks the same color scheme. Black stripes, yellow details, two-tone five-spoke wheels, it's all there. Sure, the odds of a similar SF90 rolling around the Miami-Dade area are decent, but those odds shrink when you consider the flood damage. Or as Copart lists it: "FL - Certificate of Destruction." (More on this later.)

All things considered, the car appears to be in decent shape in the photos. Now that it's out of the flooded basement and dry, there aren't too many visible signs of water damage despite being completely submerged for an unknown length of time. That doesn't mean stagnant water hasn't taken its toll under the skin, though. Ferrari electronics are finicky enough as it is, and in the video, you can see the SF90's windshield wipers are frozen mid-swipe despite being off and parked at the time—perhaps marking a moment things went haywire before going completely dead. The idea of introducing water to a million-dollar hybrid supercar's inner workings doesn't exactly inspire confidence either way.

But hey, if you want to snag an SF90 on the cheap-er—I get the appeal. Water damage aside, the Ferrari SF90 is one of the most technologically advanced Ferraris ever made. Its twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 makes 769 horsepower on its own but it also gets extra juice from three electric motors. One of them is sandwiched in between the engine and eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, which sends power to the rear wheels. The other two sit at the front axle, powering the front wheels, making the SF 90 all-wheel drive. In total, the SF 90 makes 986 horsepower, which makes it a 1,000-horsepower Ferrari by my math. Now go ahead and submerge all of that in water—still sound appealing?

The current bid on this flood-damaged car is $157,000. But there's a catch. The insurance company hit this SF90 with a certificate of destruction. A certificate of destruction is different from a salvage title, as the former means it can never be legally registered for road use again. It also can't be reversed. It's essentially a death sentence for a car. So far that's Porsche 911 GT3 money on a car that can never legally be used on the road again. Perhaps it works for someone looking for a track car, or perhaps part it out for profit.

Either way, make your decision quickly—the auction ends Wednesday morning.

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