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Milan Cops Seize Mafia Ferrari 458 Spider, Add It to Police Car Fleet

It's a great way to show children that crime does not pay...somehow.

Speeders, crooks, and thieves of Milan better watch out, because the city’s police have acquired a new 570-horsepower pursuit weapon. Not to be outdone by their Lambo-driving comrades in the Italian highway patrol, Milan’s police fleet now features a Ferrari 458 Spider. Specifically, a Ferrari 458 Spider once belonging to the Mafia. 

Yes, according to Carscoops, this topless Ferrari was confiscated from the Italian mob, effectively yanking a proverbial gun out of their hands and pointing it right back at them. In most other jurisdictions, confiscated supercars would likely be impounded, if not immediately crushed. In Italy, however, the local constabulary can request to keep the items they seize. (Considering the 458 Spider’s list price of well over $300,000 when new, you’d keep it too, wouldn’t you?) 

The car was modified to sport the red, white, and green police livery you see above; the two rear buttresses were also modified, to make them light-and-siren-ready. This was done locally by Carrozzeria Marazzi Caronno Pertusella, a company who offered to do the work for free—thus keeping police supercar modifications off the list of taxpayer expenses. 

It’s unlikely this Ferrari will be participating in many high speed chases on the autostrada, much to The Drive‘s disappointment. In a twist, Milan’s finest say the car will effectively be used as a PR tool, and will be brought to “a number of special events for children to make them understand that crime does not pay.” 

I understand what they’re getting at…but weren’t the mafia the ones who actually paid for this car in the first place? Whatever justifies keeping a seized Ferrari to the top brass, I guess.