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Man Sues NYC Garage for Crashing Ferrari 458 Spider, Diminishing Value by $140,000

"You're driving a car 5 mph in a garage, it's almost impossible to do that unless you're really careless," said the owner.

A man from New York is suing a Tribeca parking garage for considerable damage inflicted to his Blu Tour De France Ferrari 458 Spider.

Manhattan resident Mark Rosen, a 70-year-old legal executive recruiter, reportedly handed off the keys to his 458 to a valet attendant at City Parking on Leonard Street in the Tribeca neighborhood of Lower Manhattan. Rosen allegedly returned to reclaim the car four hours later and discovered the driver’s side door crushed, and the side mirror missing.

“I have no idea what really happened,” Rosen told the New York Post. “You’re driving a car five miles per hour in a garage, it’s almost impossible to do that unless you’re really, really careless.”

Employees of the parking garage reportedly refused to explain to Rosen how his car took the damage. Management allegedly agreed to pay for the damage until it saw the bill and backpedaled.

“This is the reason we don’t want cars like yours in the garage,” an employee reportedly told Rosen.

“This is one of the most expensive, exclusive buildings in the city,” Rosen commented. “What are people supposed to drive, Chevrolets?”

“The car was in mint condition,” he continued. “They smashed the entire side passenger door, ruined the door, and the entire passenger side mirror had to be replaced. Any of these cars get into an accident, the value goes through the floor.”

Rosen reportedly is suing for $19,500 in repairs and alleges that the damage to his car caused the value to fall from $347,000 to a mere $207,000 he received when he traded in the 7,000-mile car to a dealer. Given Rosen’s professional background in law and the apparent shadiness of the garage that reportedly damaged his car, it could be a cut-and-dry case that forces the garage to cough up cash after all.