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Epic Video Relives Honda’s Formula 1 Milestones From 1965 to 2019

This anime-style video is a must-watch for F1 fans.

With Honda’s home Formula 1 Grand Prix taking place at Suzuka Circuit in Japan this weekend, the iconic automaker released an enthusiastic video to commemorate more than 50 years at the pinnacle of motor racing. And surprise surprise, it’s a must-watch for any Formula 1 fan.

Titled “The Finish Line Is Never the End,” the minute-long clip features multiple highlights of Honda’s F1 career starting in 1965 up until the current 2019 Japanese Grand Prix. Furthermore, it’s the style in which the video is produced that sets it apart from the rest, looking like some sort of animated comic or “anime” story. The cool graphics are accentuated by raw engine sounds and a pretty Hans Zimmer-esque soundtrack.

The clip opens with racing legend Richie Ginther at the wheel of the Honda RA272, which won Honda’s first F1 race at the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix. The victory marked Goodyear Tires’ first-ever F1 win as well. The car then morphs into Ayrton Senna’s iconic MP4/4 from 1988 and is shown making its way around the narrow corners of the Monaco Grand Prix. The timeline then jumps all the way to 2006, when Jenson Button won the Hungarian Grand Prix at the wheel of Honda’s own F1 car and team. Button would eventually become a world champion in 2009 with the Mercedes-Benz-powered Brawn GP F1 team.

From that moment on it’s all about Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and his heroic win at the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix, and then again at the German Grand Prix. The feisty Dutch will attempt to clinch his third win of the season at this weekend’s race in Japan.

Now, if someone could make post-race recaps this cool-looking an exciting, it’d be greatly appreciated.