Police Officer Uses Chevy Tahoe to Push Burning Ford F-150 Away From Building

The quick thinking of a Glenn Heights cop probably saved a Jack in the Box.

byMax Goldberg|
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Car fires near a commercial or residential structure can often get much, much worse. Fortunately, a rookie officer from Glenn Heights, Texas, had his wits about him and used his Chevy Tahoe to almost certainly prevent a structure fire. 

Coming off a meal break, Officer Chris Womack heard a call for a motor vehicle fire at the local Jack in The Box. Living near the area, he quickly responded to the scene and encountered a fully involved Ford F-150. Rather than just blocking off the area, Officer Womack took full advantage of his pushbar and nosed the truck away from the structure.

The whole ordeal took less than a minute but we are sure it saved a whole lot of money and prevented further damage or injury. Unfortunately, the truck was a total loss, and from what we can tell in the video, it still had temp tags on it—sorry man.

Also, solid work by the Officer’s Chevy Tahoe. That beast hopped some pretty decent curbs and pushed that F-150 out of the way like it was nothing.

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