The Jeep Pickup Totally Killed the AEV Brute

Once upon a time, people paid AEV over $100k because they wanted a Jeep pickup...

For years, off-road enthusiasts and affluent vacation home owners have gawked over the American Expedition Vehicle Brute. Built off a modified Wrangler Unlimited chassis, the Brute is AEV’s pickup version of the Wrangler. With packages starting at $41,665 (not including donor vehicle), the Brute is pricey, and yet AEV has been able to keep the orders flowing since their really isn’t any competition on the market—until now.

Is it a coincidence that Jeep—whose pickup will likely take its design cues from the Wrangler—just announced they’ll be releasing their pickup in 2018, and now AEV shutting down Brute production on March 31, 2017. If you can get an order in before then, the Brute is available with a flurry of different packages and options including a 5.7-liter or 6.4-liter Hemi V8 engine swap.

Over the years AEV has teamed up with various other brands, but one of their most notable partnerships was with Filson. AEV made two versions of the Filson-branded Jeeps: one was a Brute and the other a standard Wrangler Unlimited. Although the prices may seem high now, be prepared for their resale value to shoot up once production stops.