Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Wrangler Pickup Investment Confirmed

Jeep cashes in on the hype.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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FCA will be adding two new big boys to the Jeep lineup with the Grand Wagoneer and Wrangler Pickup. These throwbacks have sparked quite the publicity, and the manufacturer finally confirmed the company’s investment in them at the Detroit Auto Show. This comes as big news for the company, resulting in a $1 billion addition to their Michigan and Ohio plants.

The news comes after speculation that FCA may ditch the Grand Wagoneer project. After figuring costs for plant renovation and production, it was rumored that the company may be rethinking their decision to bring the model back. Now that they’ve verified the SUV’s return, it will reinforce FCA’s move to shift away from smaller cars and towards large vehicles. 

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is quoted saying “The conversion of our industrial footprint completes this stage of our transformation as we respond to the shift in consumer tastes to trucks and SUVs, and as we continue to reinforce the U.S. as a global manufacturing hub for those vehicles at the heart of the SUV and truck market.”

Both models will enter Jeep in markets that they’ve been absent from in recent years. The Grand Wagoneer will be priced near the $100,000 mark, competing with the Range Rover among other luxo-SUVs. The Wrangler Pickup harkens back to the CJ-8 of past years, participating in a niche market that will hit the sweet spot for many Jeepers across the country.

This decision will make a major difference for the plants’ local economies. It will result in an additional 2,000 jobs in the surrounding Toledo, Ohio and Warren, Michigan areas, proving FCA’s commitment to American manufacturing. President elect Donald Trump has been in the news several times recently, criticizing GM, Ford, and Toyota for outsourcing their production to Mexico, so Chrysler releases this info in the light of all the drama.

Check back with us as we receive more details on the release and details for both new models. Few specifics have been released at this point, but expect them to have a major part in redefining Jeep’s place in the American market. 

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