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Ford GT Production Extended By Two Years

Still, try not to get your hopes up too much.

If you were one of the many who were shot down by the Blue Oval after applying to buy one of its shiny new $450,000 super cars, you might soon be granted a second chance. Ford is adding two years to GT production, giving loyal brand enthusiasts and social media influencers alike another opportunity to be considered for ownership.

Originally, Ford planned on producing the 600-plus horsepower Ford GT for two years, building just 500 of the supercars in the process. Now, with Ford doubling the number of years the supercar will be in production, it seems likely the number of cars will also be doubled—presumably giving an extra 500 people a chance to bring home one of the mid-engined monsters

Wishful potential GT owners who already applied but were declined or wait-listed by Ford will have to wait until the first round of production ends in 2018 to reapply. When that time comes, though, those loyal GT lovers will simply have to update their application instead of resubmitting the whole thing.

The decision to extend the production comes after word that Ford Performance would be racing its Le Mans-winning Ford GT race cars in the World Endurance Championship and with IMSA in the United States for four years.

In July, Ford told more than 6,000 Ford GT applicants that they would not be able to own the most anticipated car from the Blue Oval of this decade. This second round of production coming in two years could definitely lift some spirits—but remember, if those two bonus years only produce an extra 500 vehicles, most of the original rejected applicants will still walk away without a GT.

That said, if you’re really feeling impatient… why not just pick up a used last-generation Ford GT in the meantime? It might even help your chances of being granted the chance to pick up the new version.