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First 2017 Ford GT Heritage Edition Has Finally Been Delivered

The regular 2017 Ford GT costs approximately $450,000, we can only imagine how much the Heritage Edition costs.

One lucky owner has officially taken delivery of the first 2017 Ford GT Heritage Edition. With a limited quantity set for production, you can expect it was extremely difficult to order, especially since potential owners had to go through a time-burning application process for a normal GT in the first place. 

The 2017 Ford GT Heritage Edition is an homage to the Le Mans winning 1966 Ford GT40 Mark II driven by racing legend Bruce McLaren. The special model comes equipped with unique interior features that are designed to somewhat bring back the feel of the original GT40. The interior has ebony leather seats, pillars, headliner, and even a leather steering wheel. In addition, you can find “gold appliques” sprinkled in the instrument cluster, paddle shifters as well as the seat’s X-braces. In case owners forgot the livery on the outside of the car, the Heritage Edition has #2 interior door graphics and Heritage Edition badging.

The “regular” Ford GT starts at around $450,000 but Ford Performance declined to comment on pricing for the Heritage Edition.

The exterior of the vehicle is painted in “shadow black” (matte or gloss) and comes with silver stripes and a bold #2. The Heritage Editon also has 20-inch one-piece forged aluminum wheels with an exclusive finish to compliment the interior styling. There are plenty of other little features that make the 2017 Ford GT Heritage Edition unique but, you can see those in the videos below.