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Watch a Superformance Ford GT40 Get Put Through Its Paces

DriveTribe gets intimate with a continuation of Ford's legendary Le Mans racer.

The new, flying-buttressed Ford GT is arguably the hottest supercar of 2017. Today’s awesome-internet-car-video, however, doesn’t feature the EcoBoosted newborn, but rather, its legendary Le Mans winning granddad: the GT40. Well, a continuation model of the GT40, at least. Built in South Africa by Superformance, this example is a near-identical recreation of the Mk.II that took the win at Le Mans back in 1966–with two other GT40s famously in tow. It features a small block, 7.0-liter roaring Roush V8 that produces “somewhere around 550 hp.” DriveTribe‘s Jethro Bovingdon was fortunate enough to get to sample one around Willow Springs, and of course, documented the occasion for our viewing–and listening–pleasure.

Superformance’s interpretation of Ford’s first Ferrari-killer costs around $180,000. Considering some classic car continuations demanding seven or even eight figures, this GT40 is a downright bargain. 

Like Lamborghini, the Ford GT40 owes its existence to a snub from Enzo Ferrari. The story is well-trodden by now, but boils down to Ford dedicating themselves to trump the Italians on the track after Enzo pulled out of selling his company to the big blue oval at the very last minute–after Ford had already spent millions in legal negotiations and auditing. 

If it wasn’t for Ferrari’s history of… interesting business practices, I reckon today’s automotive landscape would be significantly less interesting.