Peter Dinklage To Produce TV Drama, “Driven,” About Ford-Ferrari Feud of the 1960s

Who better to retell this racing legend than Peter Dinklage and Channing Tatum?

byJames Gilboy|
Ford News photo

One of the greatest stories in the history of the automotive world, and in motorsport, is to be told in a new drama, titled "Driven," according to The Malay Mail Online. Slated to be told in ten installments, it will chronicle the rivalry between Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari, and will be produced by Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage, and Magic Mike's Channing Tatum. Casting details, distribution plans, and airing dates have not yet been announced. The project is backed by Atrium TV, an international consortium which combines Emmy Award-winning talent with management hailing from the BBC and Sony.

The Ford versus Ferrari story will cover Ford's attempted buyout of Ferrari in 1963. Ford spent several million dollars evaluating the Italian marque, and preparing itself to absorb a new manufacturer, but due to a dispute over keeping Ferrari's motorsports branch independent from Ford control, Enzo pulled out at the last minute. Incensed, Ford issued instructions to his underling, Don Frey: beat Ferrari at Le Mans, at any cost. It eventually resulted in a four consecutive year win streak for the GT40, trouncing Ferrari, and was eventually made obsolete only by the astonishing Porsche 917.

The GT40 was paid homage multiple times by Ford, in the form of the 1995 GT90, and a decade later, the GT debuted, and was produced to the tune of 4,038 cars. The name was again revived by Ford in 2016, with a modernized supercar, planned for 250 units produced per year, though the length of its production run is not yet finalized.

The GT40's story has been told countless times, in media ranging from historic spotlights on programs like the BBC's Top Gear, with the story told by Jeremy Clarkson, to its spiritual successor, Amazon's The Grand Tour, where it was told by Clarkson's colleague James May. Adam Carolla even did his own documentary on the tale.

Can Peter Dinklage and Channing Tatum do one of the greatest motorsport legends in history justice? We'll see.