The McLaren 570S GT4 Has Landed

The first of the supercars has been delivered to a private owner, and we got the first look.

byRip Shaub| UPDATED May 24, 2019 12:17 PM
The McLaren 570S GT4 Has Landed

Our old friend Josh Snowhorn invited us out to The Circuit of the Americas in Austin last weekend. When Josh says “You should come check this out” it usually turns out to be pretty good, so of course I went. And Josh didn’t disappoint. 

Snowhorn had just taken delivery of his new McLaren 570S GT4 race car. The first one in private hands anywhere, to be more specific. And to celebrate, he and some friends rented out COTA for a full day private track. 

Snowhorn put in his order last June. There was a slight delay as McLaren delivered the first two to race teams competing in the GT4 European Series, but Chassis 003 finally arrived in Austin, ready to roll. Snowhorn isn’t announcing lap times, but will say it’s “several seconds” faster around COT than his matching 675LT

Since the GT4 is classified as a race car, Snowhorn will have to enter it in races in order to satisfy the EPA and Customs. Snowhorn’s love is track days, though. And there’s no better track day than renting out America’s only Formula 1 track for you and your friends.