Apple Invests In China’s Uber Competitor and The Ford GT Applications Are Pouring In: The Evening Rush

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Apple has invested $1 Billion in Uber’s China competitor, Didi Chuxing. This is particularly interesting because it is Apple’s first (real) move into the (actual) transportation sector.

Spy shots of the 2018 Audi A8 have leaked and the luxury sedan is definitely getting a facelift. Even with heavy camo, you can tell the front end has had some cosmetic surgery. Although we don’t know a lot about the performance end of the new Audi, definitely expect to see a hybrid version making an appearance.

Ford has received a whopping 6,506 video applications for the Ford GT and, man, are some of these shameless. As you might already know, the Ford GT is not being sold to just anyone; a thorough application process is part of the privilege. Do us a favor: if you’re going to make a application video, send it to us as well.



Fender is now making ultra low-profile in-ear monitors so you can ensure all your jams are perfect. With crystal clear audio and the ability to accurately cover a wide range of sound, these buds are definitely worth your money.

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Today’s beer pick takes us to Stoneface Brewing Company in Newington, New Hampshire. Founded in 2014, this young brewery has made leaps and bounds and can now be found in select locations throughout the northeast. Regardless of the beer, if you see it is from Stoneface, we highly recommend you pick it up.

Stoneface Brewing Co

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