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Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series: 778 HP, Stripped Interior, Not Road Legal

The track special is full of buttons and gadgets and carbon fiber to help you dominate at your next track day.

There are plenty of super-quick road cars on the market these days, but some automakers go further, releasing track-only specials that turn everything up to 11. Mercedes-AMG has done just that, with the release of the limited-edition GT Track Series. 

Just 55 examples of the GT Track Series will be built, meaning you’ll have to be lucky to get your hands on the most powerful customer sports car ever released by Mercedes-AMG. The special edition doesn’t make concessions for such puny ideals as comfort and is entirely “ineligible for road use approval” according to the automaker.

Under the hood is a 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine, as seen in the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series previously, but now with more power. With its flat-plane crank and now upgraded with motorsport-grade fuel injectors, it delivers a full 778 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque, a significant hike over the 720 hp of the GT Black Series, and well more than the GT R Pro’s 577 hp. 

The track special gets a sequential 6-speed racing gearbox from Hewland. It’s mounted at the rear in a transaxle setup, complete with an adjustable differential. Other track-ready mods include the adjustable four-way Bilstein dampers that can be individually tweaked in high-speed and low-speed rebound compression as well as ride height. Anti-roll bars are adjustable, too. Before you start playing around, though, it might pay to do some reading on suspension tuning first. 

Carbon fiber is used liberally in the GT Track Series, including the hook, fenders, sills, trunk lid and rear bumper. These lightweight components help bring the total curb weight down to 3,086 lbs, a major saving compared to the 3395 lbs of the road-going GT Black Series. As a motorsport-focused vehicle, internal niceties like power windows and interior padding have been eschewed to help reach this low number. 

Airflow management is also a big focus for the car, which is covered in functional grilles and vents to ensure plenty of airflow to cool the radiator and brakes. The rear bumper scores a double diffuser, while the rear wheel arches get air outlets, while the giant rear wing and monstrously large air outlet on the hood further reinforce the car’s race-spec design. 

The interior is awash with an intimidating array of buttons and switches as you might find in a top-tier GT race racing car. The car features an adjustable steering wheel and pedals to best suit the driver’s body, and there’s also a programmable Bosch dash display paired with a datalogging system to help drivers perfect their lap times.

The car’s electronics are also tuned for track duty. Race-ready traction control and a motorsport-spec ABS unit are installed. Each has 12 selectable settings, from maximum to minimum intervention, including the ability to switch them off entirely.

The brakes are motorsport-proven, according to AMG, but it’s notable that the car relies on steel rotors rather than carbon-composite units. There’s also a brake bias control for getting the balance just right as needed. The car comes complete with a steel roll cage, and there’s also a hatch in the roof for driver extraction in the event of a crash. Five-point safety harnesses are provided, and the driver safety cell, which meets FIA standards, is built large enough to accommodate taller drivers safely. A motorsport fire extinguisher system and driver safety nets round out the safety features. 

Other niceties for the 55 lucky owners-to-be include access to services that are typically reserved for Mercedes-AMG customer teams. Owners can undertake technical training prior to vehicle delivery, and access engineer support at track days and a service hotline during racing events. There’s also logistical support including “optimal spare parts supply” to help owners that need parts in a hurry.


The GT Track Series is being directly sold from Mercedes-AMG headquarters, with delivery to customers in the second quarter of 2022. The track special doesn’t come cheap, ringing up at a list price of €369,000 plus VAT, while buyers may also choose from options including a spare parts starter set, ventilation systems, and a passenger safety cell. 

For those wanting the ideal Mercedes-AMG GT track car, the GT Track Series would be virtually impossible to beat. Of course, getting your hands on one of the 55 examples may prove difficult, so get your phone calls in ASAP if you simply have to have one. 

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