This $1.8 Million Motorhome is a Luxury Carrying Case for Your GT Sports Car

Sports car sold separately.

It takes brass to name something the Perfect, but luxury motor home manufacturer Variomobil has been doing it since 1989. The Perfect is a large luxury RV with a party piece—a motorhome with a built-in garage. Why bother with the hassle of setting up a trailer hitch when you can drive your car into the back of an RV and store it away like a life-size Hot Wheels carrying case?

This year, Variomobil debuted the Perfect series’ fourth generation with the most significant version yet, the Perfect 1200 Platinum. Underneath the bodywork is a heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz Actros 2453 using a 10.7-liter six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine rated at 422 horsepower. Customers can also choose a 12.8-liter engine with 523 hp. 

The motorhome rolls on an air suspension, like a good Mercedes, but also on 12 wheels divided over three axles. It uses a self-steering trailing axle to improve maneuverability on this 26-ton land yacht

Variomobil Perfect 1200 Platinum, Variomobil

The Perfect 1200 features up to three slide-outs to increase interior space when parked. Standard features include one slide-out for a living room and kitchen expansion, and an optional single or double slide-out for the master suite. The interior is large enough for two people to walk past each other without brushing. 

The driver and passenger seats swing-round to double as living room recliners. The photos of the Perfect 1200 interior make it look like a hotel than a recreational vehicle. This is the first RV I’ve seen with a hallway to the bathroom. 

According to Variomobil, the Perfect series ranges from 800 to 1200, with three layouts for each. Variomobil provides customers with a choice of three garage sizes L, XL, and XXL. A large garage is designed to fit a compact vehicle like a Smart car. The XL is for slightly bigger vehicles like a modern Mini Cooper. The XXL can house a car on par with a two-door Mercedes-Benz AMG GT or Porsche 911. You access the garage through a rear hatch that opens up, allowing you to drive your GT car on to the ramp and let the Perfect gently store it away for you. 

Variomobil prides itself on “100 percent individuality.” Buying a motor home from Variomobil is on par with ordering a new Bugatti, and just as expensive. According to News Atlas, the Perfect 1200 Platinum starts at $1 million and change. The top of the line model used in press photos costs over $1.7 million. Not including the GT car, of course. 

Seems like the ideal, vehicle to take on an expedition to visit every race track in the land.  

Variomobil Perfect 1200 Platinum, Variomobil

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