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Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy Gets New Look on Its 111th Birthday

Smaller and more aerodynamic, the British automaker's updated mascot will adorn the new Spectre and future models.

Rolls-Royce’s ethereal, mysterious hood ornament Spirit of Ecstasy turned 111 today, and she doesn’t look a day over 25. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the British luxury brand announced today a significant facelift for the mascot. It’s smaller and more aerodynamic, and will adorn not just the new all-electric Spectre but all future models as well.

Today, Rolls-Royce also released an article delving into the history of the Spirit of Ecstasy and the human drama (including a torrid affair) behind it. There’s some value in maintaining some of the facets of this enigma, so all of the secrets under the skin of the Ecstasy may stay hidden forever. However, there is some clear-cut data about the evolution of the size and shape of the figurine and how it will look going forward. Take a look at the new version next to the one that will continue to gild its current models (Phantom, Ghost, Wraith, Dawn, and Cullinan):

Now 3.26 inches tall compared to the previous version’s 3.9 inches, the figurine has been reshaped for improved aerodynamics, contributing to the new Spectre’s incredible 0.26 drag coefficient. Rolls-Royce acknowledged that most people mistake the statue’s robes for wings, and the new version is designed to make that distinction clearer.

Take a good look and you’ll notice the stance is different. The most recent iteration of the mascot shows her only slightly bending her knees and leaning into the slipstream and the new one is more dynamic, with one leg forward and her body tucked like a speed skater. While this update was perfected digitally, Rolls-Royce still creates each one of these ornaments with a method called “lost wax casting” followed by hand finishing. That means every piece is slightly different, like a snowflake. 


If you’ve ever been to the Louvre in Paris and seen The Nike of Samothrace in person (or even if you have seen it in a book or online) you know that it evokes a certain sense of awe. To me, the new Spirit of Ecstasy looks more like this masterpiece than ever, as if the goddess Nike is taking a step forward as she prepares to sprint. In that light, it’s an apt symbol of the speed and elegance Rolls-Royce is hoping to achieve with its new electrified line

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