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See How Similar the New Lexus IS 500 and Old IS F Really Are in This Car Bibles Video

Plus: The joys of drag racing culture, old-versus-new Land Rovers, serious talk about mental health, and nonsense from TikTok.

We keep hearing that naturally breathing, V8 rear-drive luxury cars are starting to go extinct, but Lexus is still carrying that torch with its new IS 500. Interestingly, that car’s not really all that “new,” which you’ll see in this video comparing it to its spiritual predecessor, the IS F. That doesn’t make either car bad, on the contrary, both are exceptional executions of high-class performance.

Besides the Lexus video we’ve got some good stuff this week on drag racing culture, grown men messing with TikTok to sell cars, a more serious discussion on mental health after a car crash, and more.

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How Much Lexus IS F Is in the New IS 500: Explained

If you know these cars, you know there’s been a lot of discussion regarding how related they are. This video gets into that, and also represents a bit of a debut for Car Bibles on YouTube. Please come subscribe, you’ll be able to say you were there from our humble beginnings! There are a few other videos on the channel too… we’ve got a lot of refining to do but here’s hoping you enjoy it.

The Drag Strip Is Made for Burning Rubber and Inspiring Young Enthusiasts

Drag racing doesn’t get talked about enough in modern car media — on this, Kevin Williams and I agree. He went to visit some family of his that spends weeks at a time camping at the local quarter-mile track and got to see just how much fun this scene really is.

If you need help convincing your significant other to bring your kids to the races, share this post with them.

How the 2021 Land Rover Defender 90 Stacks Up Against an Old Discovery 1

Having owned an early Discovery and driven the new Defender myself, I would agree with the sentiment that “the new Defender is really more like a continuation of the early Discovery.” It’s nowhere near the hardcore agricultural implement that the original Defender was, but it does offer a great balance of luxury and capability. The old Disco did, too… albeit in a much more primitive way.

I guess it’s Comparisons Week over at Car Bibles, huh?

My VW GTI Crash Rattled My Mental Health More Than Expected

Our writer Chris Rosales had an unfortunate mishap with his GTI, and while luckily nobody was physically injured, the crash lingered in his mind for a long time. I don’t think that’s uncommon, either. I’m not afraid to share that I personally was diagnosed with PTSD after a big wipeout myself years ago—a crash can be extremely unsettling. This stuff is important to talk about.

A Florida Chevy Dealer Somehow Made the Chevy Trax Cool Using TikTok

On a much lighter note than post-crash trauma, get a load of this goofy dude Norm yucking it up on TikTok to sell cheap Chevys. I don’t get a lot of TikTok jokes myself (I’m old) but even I thought these were pretty funny.

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