Honda’s New TrailSport Models Will Get Off-Road Tires and Suspension Lifts

It sounds a lot like Subaru’s Wilderness line.

byChris Tsui|
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Maybe it has something to do with an entire population being told to stay in their homes for months at a time but, for whatever reason, off-road is having a bit of a moment right now. Seemingly following in the footsteps of Subaru's new Wilderness models, Honda is getting into the mud and dirt with the introduction of a new TrailSport trim that will soon be available for the brand's light trucks. 

Honda didn't explicitly point out which light trucks this would apply to but it's not a stretch to assume it's talking about the Ridgeline, Pilot, and Passport, with the latter showing up in the automaker's teaser visuals for this announcement. 

A non-TrailSport Ridgeline., Honda

When the TrailSport variants start rolling out, they'll be the "rugged halo" or highest-ranking trim for their respective model lines. Said to offer more off-road capability and a tougher demeanor without sacrificing on-road driving dynamics, expected upgrades include "more aggressive tires, full-size spare tires, increased ground clearance, off-road-tuned suspensions, underbody protection, and expanded all-wheel-drive system capabilities." They'll also receive unique front and rear fascia designs, more body cladding, easier-to-clean all-weather floor mats, and orange interior stitching, mimicking Subaru's Wilderness schtick down to a T.

Starting with the Outback and following up with the recently revealed Forester, Subaru has been gracing its high-riding cars with outdoorsy Wilderness models that feature, well, essentially the same upgrades Honda's bringing with TrailSport, right down to that citrus-colored stitching. Anywho, the first Honda TrailSport models will become available later this year.

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