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New Ferrari Buyers Can Opt For Scale Model of Their Build

You can now get an exact model of your own new Ferrari in 1:8 or 1:12 scale.

If you’re buying a new Ferrari, the options list is typically extensive and expensive. Of course, it’s understandable that when buying an Italian supercar, you’d want everything to be just so. Now, you can also purchase a model of your car in the same exacting specification, thanks to a new partnership between Ferrari and Amalgam Models.

The models come in both 1:8 and 1:12 scales, with the former roughly 8 times larger than a typical Matchbox car in 1:64 scale, and the latter 5.5 times bigger. What’s special about the offering is that the company won’t just sell you a model of a generic Ferrari; it will produce the model to match the exact options, colors, and trim that you specify on your full-size build. The models are available for new purchases of the Ferrari Roma, 812 Superfast, 812 GTS, Portofino M, SF 90 Stradale and the SF90 Spider.

Amalgam Collection

The new program builds on the bespoke model service that Amalgam has offered for some time. The company will produce 1:8 scale models to order that match customer cars to the letter—even down to the color of the stitching in the interior. The service covers a variety of makes and models, with the Amalgam site featuring reproductions of McLaren, Aston Martin, and Bugatti cars in 1:8 scale. 

Amalgam Collection

Exquisite detail is the name of the game with the Amalgam models, with each being hand built from over 1000 individual parts. The parts are cast in resin, and coated with the same paint as is used on the real cars. It’s exacting work, and the cars are even hand detailed before delivery to the customer. 

Amalgam Collection

The models should be a fun desk ornament for future Ferrari owners. They also provide an opportunity for colleagues to make snarky comments about your choice of interior and exterior color combination, so bear that in mind before purchasing. We fully expect to see these models mentioned in future auction listings, though, if these perfectly-matching simulacra prove to be a popular item. If you spec out your new Ferrari in Rosso Corsa with a tan interior, though, maybe just buy your model off-the-shelf instead. 

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