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Ferrari 812 Superfast ‘N-Largo’ Tuned by Novitec Is so Extra It’ll Make You Drool With Desire

For once, it appears an aftermarket tuner did not ruin the original product.

Whether you’re a seasoned car collector or a modern-day car vlogger who takes donations from Fortnite-loving tweens, Novitec’s take on the Ferrari 812 Superfast is in to please. Officially called the Ferrari 812 N-Largo, it does away with the “Superfast” moniker, but it retains the super fast qualities.


In case the 789-horsepower, V12-powered Ferrari 812 Superfast wasn’t already ostentatious enough for you, German body kit manufacturer Novitec has announced its own take on the 812. With its pantomime of the foundational Ferrari’s body lines, the 812 N-Largo may live up to its name, N-Larging your ego should you decide to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on the European exotic.

Novitec altered the Ferrari’s fascia, widened its fenders, and added a big old wing out back. Is it functional? If you’re the type to buy one of these instead of the seemingly inevitable 812XX, odds are you don’t care. 

Alterations aren’t just external, either. The interior looks like the site of the Kool-Aid Man’s gruesome murder, with artificial grape purple stains every quilted cloth surface. However, we’re sure that for the right price, you can have it any other color—after all—that’s the whole point of buying a customized car, no?


Novitec told The Drive that 812 N-Largo conversions are limited to just 18 cars, and can be performed at either Novitec’s headquarters or at one of its licensed dealers. It wouldn’t discuss what the job actually costs, and we all know what that means: email them a screenshot of your bank account balance. If it sells out, you might consider the equally impressive Novitec Lamborghini Huracan Spyder.