Grassroots Racing Never Looked More Epic Than This Lithuanian Custom Car Party

Watch these pros and amateurs come together for a wild motorsports party in eastern Europe. 

robyworks / YouTube screencap

There are fun weekends at the track...and then there's this crazy thing called Fast Lap, a day of non-stop action that hosts multiple races including time attack, touring car, rally fast, night drift as well as a Nissan Leaf pro race. Some call it the Gatebil of Lithuania; all I know is it's like no festival that I've ever been to.

Both amateurs and professionals are invited to compete in Fast Lap's eclectic variety of races, and it's all about providing their passionate participants a place to really enjoy themselves and celebrate amateur racing. There are only a total of four Fast Lap stages held each year in the Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. And things can get pretty crazy too. The racing is astonishingly competitive, and there's no shortage of big crashes and poo-inducing close calls as these guys just throw their car into corners with reckless abandon.

 YouTuber robyworks shared his "official aftermovie" of Fast Lap 2016, featuring a compilation of some of the most breathtaking moments at the festival. Check out the amazing sights and sounds of Fast Lap Lithuania below: