Driver Seemingly Turns Off Traction Control in a Ferrari 812 Superfast, Crashes One Nanosecond Later

Who would’ve thought 789 horsepower would be tough to handle?

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There are many things one should do when thrust into the driver's seat of a 789-horsepower Ferrari, but allegedly turning the traction control off and going for a rip down a populated urban bridge is definitely not one of them. Unfortunately, nobody bothered to tell that to this U.K. driver caught on camera smashing up an 812 Superfast this week thanks to some deeply ill-advised driving. 

The head-cam video begins with the V12 Ferrari driver pulling up to a red light and pressing a button that triggers a series of beeps as well as a dash light to turn on. Said light is notably the same color and in the same location as the "traction off, you're on your own" light we know to be in this particular model of Ferrari. Now, the 812's various traction control systems are incredibly sophisticated to prevent drivers from immediately spinning the 789-hp, rear-wheel-drive car. Though we still can't say for sure that he disabled the nannies, what happened next is a strong piece of evidence for that claim.

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According to The Sun, it all happened on the Lambeth Bridge in London—a road limited to 20 mph—and local police are investigating the incident.

As horrible as wrecking a $360,000 Ferrari already is, the most egregious part of this entire stunt would probably be how many cyclists and scooters it happened so close to. Luckily, it doesn't look like anyone was hurt but, and this almost goes without saying that things could've ended a whole lot worse.

If we had to look for something positive out of this though, it's not every day you get to see a Ferrari's airbags deploy from the driver's point of view. So that was neat, I guess.

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