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Ferrari 812 Superfast Car Configurator Is Up and Running

Kiss the rest of your afternoon goodbye.

So, remember all those plans you had for the rest of the day? Yeah, well, consider them postponed. Because you’re about to spend the next several hours of your life building out your dream Ferrari 812 Superfast on the automaker’s car configurator.

While the 812 Superfast configurator has been available to people in some markets for a few days, it was only this morning that Ferrari saw fit to push it through to its American website. Since we at The Drive, along with a good chunk of you folks reading this, happen to live in the United States, we figured this was the sort of news you could use…to better piss away the rest of your work day. (Though unlike us, you probably don’t get paid to mess around on the Ferrari website.)

As with all of Ferrari’s models, the new V12-powered 812 Superfast is available in a ridiculous number of colors (we counted 37 exterior paint options alone), as well as as a staggering quantity of other ways to tweak and fine-tune the Italian supercar to your personal tastes. And if you still can’t quite get this Ferrari just the way you like it, the carmaker’s Tailor-Made division will be happy to

For our initial go on the configurator, The Drive went with a classy take on Ferrari’s latest two-seat supercar. The exterior paint is Blu Swaters, which we assume translates to “blue sweaters” in Italian; we paired it with the asymmetrical 20-inch rims, Grigio Silverstone brake calipers, and a carbon fiber hubcap, because, screw it, we’re pretend-rich. 


We also went with the black ceramic exhaust pipes, adaptive headlights, and the suspension lifter, because even in our imaginary world, we probably still need to deal with the occasional speed bump. 


Inside, we went for the classic Daytona-style seats, clad in Beige Tradizione leather with contrasting black inserts and stitching, and a black dash to match. We did, however, spring for an Alcantara headliner, because that’s just how we roll. 


Finally, we also sprang for the better stereo, the super-cool LED passenger’s-side dashboard display, and the “handy fire extinguisher.” Always be prepared, we say. 


But that’s us. If you want to take a stab at speccing out the Ferrari 812 Superfast of your dreams, you can do it at the link right here.