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Watch a Hungry Sinkhole Nearly Swallow a Transit Official’s Car Whole in Toronto

A water main break plunged the poor Chevy Impala to a watery grave.

Tuesday In Ontario, a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) supervisor’s car was engulfed by a sinkhole, and it was all caught on video. The driver is safe but the fully submerged, agency-issued car won’t be salvageable once they get it out of the monstrous cavity, according to the local CityNews outlet. 

It’s always good to know the difference between a puddle and pavement, but that wasn’t the case here. The supervisor’s Chevy Impala became one with the sinkhole after a water main burst and washed away the pavement. 

“We had a Wheel-Trans supervisor go out there and investigate the situation. Unfortunately, his cab did get stuck in a sinkhole that was covered by the water,” said TTC spokesperson Mike Detoma. 

The TTC’s Wheel-Trans accessible service went out to the scene to assess the situation, and then became an integral part of the situation itself. There might not have been much the TTC supervisor could have done as the gushing water probably made it exceedingly difficult to see that the road was replaced by a watery hole. 

Video Still from CityNews Toronto YouTube

“What we’ve got here is a 12-inch water main that’s about 98 to 100 years old. It’s ruptured and what’s happened here is that it’s created a void under the road,” Bill Shea of Toronto Water explained to a local news station in Toronto. “We had a TTC vehicle that passed over that void and the front wheel got stuck. Thank goodness the driver of the vehicle made it out. That’s the most important thing.”

As of the latest update, they were still working to remove the car so they could fix the burst main and repair the road. Let’s hope the tow truck driver doesn’t make the same mistake.