FedEx Wants the Feds to Develop Self-Driving Truck Laws

FedEx Freight president Michael Ducker thinks the U.S. government needs to settle on some rules for autonomous trucks.

byAaron Brown|
FedEx Wants the Feds to Develop Self-Driving Truck Laws

The CEO of FedEx Freight is asking for the U.S. government to implement a set of rules for self-driving trucks, Financial Times reports. 

Michael Drucker, president and CEO of FedEx Freight, thinks that the primary things holding the autonomous trucks back are the lack of laws, and other motorists not necessarily being comfortable with sharing the roads with the computer-driven trucks, according to the report.

“It is coming faster than many people think, just because technology is advancing so rapidly,” Ducker said to Financial Times. “I think technology will lead, and sociological issues will lag, in this particular case.”

On April 4, Ducker spoke on Capitol Hill about why he thinks infrastructure around the trucking industry needs improvement. 

“Collaboration and sustained commitment to modernization will be vital to ensuring a reliable transportation system for American consumers, businesses and the growing e-commerce marketplace,” Ducker said to the Senate Subcommittee on Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety, and Security, according to a press release from FedEx.