Full-Scale Ferrari 296 GTS Lego Model Weighs Nearly Two Tons and Took 1,850 Hours to Build

Those bucket seats won't be very comfortable, though.
red lego car

A Ferrari 296 GTS weighs 3,395 pounds and is hand-built by master craftsmen in Italy. Here in America, a Lego replica of the supercar tips the scales at nearly two tons, or about 4,000 pounds. Yep, it’s true: a life-size replica of a Ferrari is heavier than the real thing.

Measuring 15 feet long, 7.5 feet long, and four feet tall, the Lego Ferrari’s dimensions almost exactly match the drivable version of the 818-hp car. It has a driver’s side door that opens, working headlights, and an illuminated license plate. The twin-turbo V6 engine block is completely made of Lego bricks, as are the bucket seats. Crafted in a vivid red befitting of the supercar, the rear view is just as realistic as the front, built to show off the engine bay and all of its powerful glory.

red lego car engine

Inside the detail-packed cabin, the Lego Ferrari is fitted with a real 296 GTS steering wheel emblazoned with the iconic prancing horse. Lego says it comes with a “roaring engine” but didn’t offer any details on the sound effects that must surely be connected to the model.

Six master model builders teamed up with a designer and three animators to construct the Lego masterpiece, which took a total of 1,850 hours to build. The creative brand didn’t reveal how many bricks it took to create the 296 GTS, but we’d guess upwards of 300,000 based on previous life-size builds.

All that work will be on display at the Legoland Park near Orlando, Florida at its new Ferrari Build and Race attraction opening on March 8. You can say that you’re scheduling the trip to the amusement park for the kids, but the truth is that you’re planning to enjoy it yourself; that’s totally acceptable. I may have to plan a trip to Legoland myself to assemble a toy Ferrari of my own and a minifigure that looks just like me.

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