The Train in GTA Online Is Finally Drivable

Unfortunately, you only get to drive it during a mission.
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Grand Theft Auto Online has been one of the most consistently popular multiplayer games for over a decade. Despite its age, the chaotic free-roam multiplayer game doesn’t seem to get old with players. However, it took all of its 11 years to finally offer players something they’ve been asking for since its release—you can finally drive the train.

OK, so that should come with an asterisk. While the train is driveable, it’s only driveable during one specific mission. You can’t just steal the train like you would a car during free-roam play and cause chaos along the railroad. Instead, you have to play the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid mission, which sees you escape from some baddies by stealing the train.

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Of course, the mission throws some train-specific excitement in the mix by having those baddies try to stop you by idiotically parking their machine gun-equipped trucks on the tracks. You can guess what happens when your unstoppable train meets a compact pickup at speed. Since the mission is playable either solo or with up to three friends, smashing through NPC-driven trucks can be fun for the whole group. Unfortunately, the train section of the mission isn’t very long, cutting your dreams of railroad shenanigans pretty short.

Now that Rockstar has shown the gameplay mechanics to drive the train, it’s only natural that players want more. Especially since stealing the train in GTA: San Andreas, and subsequently derailing it onto a highway, was so much fun. However, there’s no word that Rockstar will make the train drivable outside of the lone mission. Will Rockstar add the train to other future missions? Maybe, but with the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 on the horizon, it might just be saving some free-roam railway chaos for a future date.

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