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Let’s Go Car Spotting in Grand Theft Auto VI’s First Trailer

No matter what you prefer to drive, something that infringes on its design will be in GTA VI.
Rockstar Games via YouTube

The long-anticipated first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI is out, about 10 years since the last GTA released, and at least one full year before this one hits your PlayStation or Xbox. (Even longer for our PC gamers in the audience I’m afraid, since Rockstar hasn’t confirmed plans to release the game there yet.) GTA VI will be a very big game of course, where you’ll have freedom to engage in all manner of legal and illegal activities, but the most interesting aspect to us is, obviously, the cars on offer and the driving experience. It’ll be a long while until we can speak to the latter of course, so let’s go see what cars we can spot, shall we?

First things first: GTA VI takes the series back to Vice City, and its fictional state of Leonida, which is based on Florida. As such, the game offers a view of car culture that most don’t, which will undoubtedly be reflected in its selection of rides. GTA V’s vehicle roster has ballooned to more than 760 models in the game’s decade since launch, and we can spot a great many of those rides in this trailer, too.

The first good look at cars we get close up comes about 24 seconds in, when a woman stands up in what looks to be Pegassi Zorrusso, which is an amalgamation of the Italdesign Zerouno and certain Lamborghini Aventador variants. Just ahead is a Grotti Furia, whose closest real-life cousins are probably the Pininfarina Battista and Ferrari F8 Tributo. Both of these cars were added to GTA V in 2019.

Continuing on, we get an entirely different view of Leonida’s car scene in the very next clip, featuring a smattering of malaise-era and modern American rides. There’s a green Chrysler 300 lookalike parked facing the camera, and a GMT900 Chevrolet Suburban driving on the road just ahead. These both seem to be new to the series. They’re joined by that blue Albany Buccaneer lowrider, similar to a first-gen Buick Riviera; a pink Declasse Tulip M-100 donk giving fourth-gen Chevy Malibu; and a green Rolls-Royce Cullinan lookalike parked just ahead. In opposing traffic, there’s a custom Vapid Chino which carries some similarities to a mid-’60s Lincoln Continental, or maybe a Chrysler New Yorker from a bit later in the decade.

What else? Well, at 33 seconds we’re treated to a whole lot of exotics lined up on a main thoroughfare: a Pfister Comet S2 (992 Porsche 911), Grotti Cheetah Classic (Ferrari Testarossa), and Grotti Carbonizzare (Aston Martin V12 Zagato), followed a bit further down by the unmistakable rear end of an Invetero Coquette D10 (C8 Corvette). Passing by them on the road is a Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire, a Hellcat-style mix of Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro.

Late on we see a modern Ford Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility as well as an older Crown Victoria patrol car; there’s a pink civilian Crown Vic doing donuts in the middle of an intersection at around the 45 second mark. Also noteworthy is an older silver Comet, this one a 964 911-based model, being passed by a dirt bike gang as late-model Ford Taurus interceptors surround. And if you look really closely, you can see the iconic striped Bravado Banshee at the top of the frame, the same body style introduced in GTA IV that has actually been made into a real car.

Right before the end we get a real good shot of another Tulip drifting with our Bonnie-and-Clyde-esque protagonists behind the wheel, this one an earlier version that shares much in common with a second-gen Malibu, circa 1970, in front of some familiar German and American SUVs. There’s also a pickup with a GMT400 Sport Side bed peeking through the convenience shop doors in the very last shot, a distinctive truck to see in a game.

Eagle-eyed fans with the time and patience to pore through every frame in this short trailer will obviously find more models to pick out, but these are the ones that stuck out to us. While the vast majority are returning from the last installment, Rockstar has made a habit of churning out a lot of cars in short order that draw their inspiration from some pretty niche enthusiast metal. There’s no reason to think GTA VI won’t continue that tradition though, again, we’ll be waiting quite a while before we can see everything the game has to offer. Roll on, trailer #2.

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