Real-Life Supercar Designer Rates Grand Theft Auto V Cars

“You deserve a five-star wanted level just for getting in this thing.”

byChris Tsui|
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We've seen him give critiques on real-life exotic car designs but in the latest episode of renowned automotive designer Frank Stephenson's YouTube show, he delves into some of the more glamorous autos that can be found in Grand Theft Auto V

In case you haven't played the game before, Grand Theft Auto's open world is populated not with licensed real-life cars like you'd find in a racing game but rather original designs that often aim to mimic or parody real-life vehicles. The game's got regular econoboxes, SUVs, pickups, sports cars, luxury cars, multi-million dollar exotics and the approach extends to motorcycles, boats, aircraft, and even bicycles. 

On this edition, then, of "Supercar Designer Reacts," Stephenson gives his take on a handful of GTA V's priciest and fastest supercars and hypercars. This includes the Pegassi Tezeract, a car he says probably should've been a center-seater like the McLaren F1 or Speedtail; the cheekily named Annis S80 RR '70s Group C race car; the very Italian Lampadati Tigon; and the Overflod Entity XXR, which is clearly a Koenigsegg clone. He even shares his opinion on a couple of cars that clearly take inspiration from some of his own real-life creations, namely the Grotti Turismo R (a mashup of the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1 that Stephenson penned) and the Pegassi Vacca, a Rockstar Games copy of Stephenson's McLaren MP4-12C. 

It would've been nice to see Frank give his take on some of the more pedestrian cars the game has to offer, especially ones that mimic his own designs such as the Mini Cooper-like Weeny Issi or the Fiat 500-based Brioso R/A

Anywho, cue the frankly hilarious GTA-style "Frank Theft Auto" loading screen...

Welp, guess it's time to fire up the PS4 and say goodbye to any semblance of productivity I had planned for the day.

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