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This Wild 1994 Cadillac Limo Is What Happens When Japan Gets Ahold of a Big American Slab

It has a rusty roof and a puffy pinkalicious interior and it's for sale.

The trunk suggests it has been in some kind of high-speed chase or hijinks reminiscent of the movie The Hangover. It’s more than a little worse for the wear, with a rusty roof and cushions that look like they’ve seen a lot of backsides. Its description is listed as “multicolor,” which is truly an understatement for this riot of hues, swirled in blue, pink, orange, green, and a fetching shade of fuschia. This 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham limousine is for sale in Japan and it’s something… special.

With 123,755 kilometers (nearly 77,000 miles) on the clock, the limo has seen some miles and untold other stories that I’m not sure I want to know about. Swinging from the chandeliers takes a very literal turn when you look at photos of the interior and the padding is pretty well mashed down on everything but the ceiling. 

Yahoo! Japan

When it was new, the inside would have been very 1980s Avon Lady and the outside more like John Lennon on a hallucinogenic bender. Now it’s a little sad and forlorn but with tender loving care it could be–well, it has potential.

Under the hood, a plain old 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood had a Corvette-derived 5.7-liter that pumped out 260 horsepower. The limo version is basically as if someone pulled it from both ends, stretching out the center, and they’re fairly rare. It’s especially rare to find one with this much personality, including portraits of unidentified people on the door frames and a technicolor dash accented in sparkly silver. Think about the possibilities for engine swaps, like a 672-hp supercharged LS. Or, I don’t know, stick a bunch of turbos on it for fun. Maybe drag race it. 

If you wanted to impress a date, picking them up in this vehicle would either thrill them or send them running in the other direction. Depending on how you feel about this limo yourself, that should tell you if your date is a keeper.

As the auction listing says, “Don’t worry, it still runs.” It’s priced to sell at 395,000 yen; don’t panic, that’s only $3,568. Plus shipping from Japan, of course.

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