You Can Buy a ‘New’ Square Body Chevy Truck With 650 HP and Period-Correct 4×4 Style

Forget touchscreens and try not to sling yourself across the bench seat.

New pickups are bigger, more powerful, and more comfortable than ever. However, as the segment shows no signs of slowing down, many believe these new trucks just don’t have the same charm as the old ones did. That’s all well and good if you’re ok with being knee-deep in a restoration, paying big for a low-mileage example, or browsing Craigslist until the end of time, but the people at Roadster Shop clearly weren’t on board with that.

Apparently tired of rust repair and carburetor tuning, the company has come out with brand new reproduction ’73-’80 Chevy pickups and K5 Blazers. These new trucks aren’t sitting on sandblasted frames with rebuilt small-blocks in them, either. They’re fresh machines complete with GM’s supercharged LT4 V8, which packs 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. 

Roadster Shop

Luckily, it doesn’t stop there as Roadster Shop updates nearly every component of each truck’s drivetrain and suspension. The transmission is now a GM eight-speed automatic, and the 4WD transfer case is straight out of a 2500-Series truck. Just like in the new pickups, it’s a push-button system, so no going outside to lock any hubs. To add to the experience, the LT4 isn’t restricted by any OEM exhaust system; instead, brand new stainless steel pipes from Borla in combination with factory catalytic converters ensure great sound and performance.

The suspension is upgraded with a lot of big-name aftermarket parts such as custom-valved Fox shocks at every corner and Deaver long-travel leaf springs to suspend the rear axle. The front end is straight out of a 2017 Silverado 1500 as well, which means rack-and-pinion steering plus the peace of mind that parts are easy to get a hold of. Other things like the brakes—discs at every corner, thankfully—cooling system, and fuel system all consist of new GM parts as well.

Roadster Shop will also make sure your “brand new” Chevy looks the part of an old truck. Obviously, you get the C10 or K5 body of your choice, but factory interior and exterior colors are also available, built to the specs of the truck’s original trim levels. New, factory-style 17- by 8-inch wheels with 34-inch A/T tires tie up the looks and give the truck a great stance as well. 

The cost of all of this new truck goodness? Well, if it’s not listed, it’s typically best if you don’t ask, and that’s the case here. We reached out to Roadster Shop and a representative told us that “these Survivor style builds will be in the $150k – $200k range depending on options and condition of the original vehicle.” He made it clear that either they could help a prospective buyer source said vehicle, or the buyer could provide one themselves. 

If the buyer wants the entire cab of the vehicle restored as well, aka, the mystical “brand new” square body truck, then I hope they have $250,000 laying around. We weren’t exactly expecting a steal, but that’s still a ton of money for one car. And even If you have that kind of cash, you still have to decide between one of these or an Icon restomod. Decisions, decisions.

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