Virginia Teenager Shot for Egging Cars With Friends, Police on Hunt for Suspect: Report

Two wrongs don't make a right, especially when it comes to gun violence.

Police in Virginia are reportedly on the hunt for a driver suspected of shooting a teenager that was egging neighborhood vehicles.

According to NBC 10 News, a group of teenagers of unspecified size was out throwing eggs at cars from the safety of their own car in Danville, Virginia. One of the vehicles hit by an egg, reportedly a dark grey or black sedan of an Asian marque (believed to be either Nissan or Kia), was occupied by an armed individual, who sped up and followed the teens after their car was targeted.

This unknown suspect then reportedly opened fire on the teenage vandals in their car, striking a 16-year-old boy in the lower torso according to  NBC 12, before fleeing the scene. The group of teenagers then attempted to drive the wounded member of their group to the hospital, but reportedly lost control of the car and crashed it at the end of a bridge. Authorities reportedly met the group of teenagers at the crash site before transporting the injured minor to the hospital. The teen’s condition remains unknown.

Police have made no arrests in connection to the shooting and a vague description of the shooter’s vehicle remains the only lead.

“Every indication is these were teenagers being teenagers,” stated Lieutenant Richard Chivvis of the Danville Police Department. “It was poor decision making, but certainly should not have resulted in gunshots being fired. There’s no sense in that kind of violence. The teenagers and their families have been cooperative with the police department.”

“Egging” is a common form of vandalism due to the combination of eggs’ easy acquisition and the damage they cause to cars’ paint. On impact, the shells can scratch a car’s clear coat, and the yolk can dissolve it, staining the paint if not removed quickly. If an egg dries in place, its removal may require a professional repainting.