Motorcyclist Plows Into Car After Staring at Volkswagen Beetle

Keep your eyes on the road, pal. You can always go online and check out Beetles when you get home.

We’re all car enthusiasts at The Drive, and checking out cars as we drive is an activity we all enjoy. However, unlike the motorcyclist in this video, we don’t let it hinder our awareness.

While cruising down the highway, the unlucky chap in this video looks to his right to see a beautiful old Volkswagen Beetle. After making a comment to himself and staring a little longer, the rider turns forward again…

…just in time to see the fast-approaching rear door of a hatchback. 

The rider doesn’t have enough time to stop or make a successful evasive maneuver and barrels right into the back of the car. He flies off his bike, sticks his hands out, and proceeds to take a nasty tumble. 

Listen, we get it, the Beetle was nice. But instead of ogling it as you ride, pal, focus on the road and hope it pulls along side you at a red light.