Watch a Mad Max-Like War Rig Roll Down A European Highway

Hopefully the driver isn’t “shiny and chrome.”

byMax Goldberg|
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Mad Max: Fury Road proved to be a smash hit in the box office and a great homage to the original 1979 Mad Max when it was released in theaters in 2015. Successfully winning Best Production Design at the 2016 Academy Awards, Fury Road was filled to the gills with highly modified and attentively detailed machines that proved to gain traction among the car communities and custom builders. And now, we have video of what one of those roadgoing creatures looks like when placed on an actual highway outside of Hollywood.

The video below takes an obsession to Mad Max: Fury Road to a whole new level. In the clip, you see a full-sized replica of the "War Rig" rolling down the highway. Although there are minor inaccuracies welded onto the trailer, the general idea and styling is identical to the original build. This begs the question, who is the talented welder behind this build?

With a project this size, it is safe to assume that this trailer has made its way around local meets or at the very least the forums. If you know this talented gentleman (or lady), please comment below.

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