The Iconic Cars From Mad Max: Fury Road Are Headed to Auction

You could lay your hands on the twisted creations from the Wasteland.

byLewin Day|
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Mad Max: Fury Road was a groundbreaking film when it burst into theaters in 2015. Starring the talents of Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, the fourth Mad Max film was remarkably popular even if it wasn't exactly clear how it fit into the rest of the canon. Naturally, it featured a cavalcade of Frankensteined automotive creations tearing up the desert. Now, these iconic vehicles are being auctioned by Lloyds.

That's right, if you've got the money and the space, you could own one of the very same vehicles that appeared on screen. They're some of the most outrageous builds to appear in George Miller's post apocalyptic series, though you might want to beware of the sharp edges if you do land one of these beasts for yourself.

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Perhaps the headline star for this writer is the legendary Doof Wagon. Built on the chassis of an 8x8 MAN KAT1 military truck, it served as the giant rolling stage for Coma the Doof Warrior, who you might remember as the guy with the flamethrowing guitar. Complete with gigantic speaker stacks, it also mounted several war drummers on the back to hype up the War Boys on their way into battle. We couldn't imagine a better vehicle to take to Burning Man. 

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Naturally, the 1973 XB Falcon Coupe belonging to protagonist Max Rockatansky is present as well. Nicknamed the "Razor Cola," it was also known in production documents as Caltrop #6. It's complete with the heavily-raked stance and high ground clearance that make it ideal for ripping around off-road, and sports those striking headlight covers that do so much to create a fierce, foreboding aesthetic. It also sports twin-stacked superchargers with the distinctive Scott "Super Slot" scoop made famous on the original Pursuit Special from the first Mad Max film.   

The mighty Gigahorse., Lloyds Online

The other cars in the auction don't disappoint either. There's the Gigahorse built out of a pair of Cadillac Coupe de Villes powered by a real supercharged V16, as well as the War Rig consisting of the 6-wheel-drive prime mover towing the armored tanker trailer. The rest of the entries in the 13 lots on offer include rat-rod style warrior builds based on everything from old Pontiac trucks to vintage Jaguars and 1930s Chevy coupes. 

The War Rig upon which the heroes make their escape., Lloyds Online

It's unclear as to the running status of any of the vehicles. Given their use in the movie, it's likely all the cars saw a mighty thrashing during the course of filming. Inspection times can be made by appointment for buyers in Australia eager for a closer look prior to bidding. Many of the lots only have screenshots from the movie for reference. Given the film was shot over 5 years ago, the condition of the vehicles may be significantly different by now. The cars really did look badass in the film, though, as shown in the official trailer below.

Any one of these cars would score you a prime place at your local Cars and Coffee, and likely a citation from the local police if you tried to drive it home. Regardless, if you need a piece of Mad Max history, the auction will take place from September 25th and 26th, with shipping available worldwide. Happy bidding.

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