Direct-Injected Corvette Z06 Engine Makes Record-Setting 1,400-HP

The team plans on beating its own record next week.

byJesse Kiser|
Chevrolet News photo

Lingenfelter just claimed to produce the most powerful Direct Injected V8 on the planet and plans to beat its own record next week. According to the company, the design behind the twin-turbo build was to highlight its new fuel-components, which still has more potential.

Lingenfelter makes a 1,400-horsepower DI V8 6.2-liter LT4 (minus supercharger) build look easy, with stock components, stock replacement items, and two turbos. "Previously, there wasn’t a fuel system out there that could support that much power [in a Direct Injected engine without port injection],” said Ryan Gledhill a salesman with Lingenfelter. “Our main focus was to create a fuel system that can handle that type of power.” This configuration uses replacement injectors, unlike other systems that may double up on the number of injectors.

The Lingenfelter kit highlighted in the video includes eight DI injectors, a fuel pump, and a GT35 camshaft, all designed in-house. The kit fits high-output, direct-injected General Motors Gen4 products: LT4, LT1, L86, and L83.

What’s wild about the project is the number of stock components. The 6.2-liter LT4 with stock bottom-end (forged internals), was blueprinted and rebuilt, “just to make sure all clearances and fitments are exactly to specifications before these extreme power runs,” said Mark Rapson, chief operating officer and vice president of operations.

The engine control unit is also stock, "the fuel system is completely integrated with the stock [engine control module]  and the calibration values are added in stock configuration within the ECM for easy tuning, with no [loss] of drivability, cold start, or normal function. This cannot be achieved with supplemental fuel systems.” Utilizing the stock ECU is an impressive feat unto itself. 

This project was established to “try and max out the capacity of our fueling components,” said Gledhill. Rapson added, “also to gather additional details on the combustion dynamics of the DI platform to future our developments.”

The video highlights the engine’s fuel curve as being higher than the current power output hinting at more power. The team confirmed this by saying, "since we published the information and video we have achieved a substantially higher HP number (without maxing the fuel system) which we will be sharing in the next week,” said Rapson. Soon the engine will be installed in a 2017 ZL1 for track testing.

The kit retails for $5,995, but the engine, turbos and the rest of the car are up to you.