Lifted and Supercharged Subaru Outback Pickup Isn’t Your Neighbor’s Crosstrek

Got $3,000 to blow? Maybe consider this.

At this point, it seems like nearly everything that can be done to a Subaru has been done. A slammed WRX? Mhm. A lifted Crosstrek? Yup, seen it. That’s not to say each build isn’t cool in its own right, but it’s hard to stay fresh when these platforms are constantly being modified by someone else. Apparently, though, the way to remedy this is by doing something so off-the-wall that you can’t help but be the only one with such a radical ride. Enter this battle-converted Outback pickup with a supercharger sticking out through its hood.

Steven Money Via Facebook Marketplace

Appropriately named the “Superu Withoutback” by its builder and seller, this rig is the perfect amount of ludicrous. You know just by looking at it that it’s far from the ordinary lifted Subie, wearing 30-inch tires, a tubular front bumper, and, of course, the flatbed at the rear where you’d normally find a hatch.

These menacing aesthetics aren’t superficial, either, as the car—can we still call it that?—is exceptionally quick. The for-sale listing mentions a laundry list of engine mods, starting with the power plant itself being an EJ255/251 hybrid. The short block is a rebuilt EJ255, while the heads are ported EJ251 units. The boxer four-cylinder is then topped with an Eaton M90 supercharger that pumps out a healthy 12 psi of boost. Accompany that with a water and methanol sprayer then voila! You’ve got yourself a Superu.

Once you’ve hopped in and blasted down whatever forest road to get to your destination, you’ll have all the utility to set up for a night of camping. The three-and-a-half-foot flatbed is the perfect size for a cooler, while the wooden bedsides help keep your cargo in place—along with a good strap setup, obviously. Pack a tent in the cabin, which has had its rear seats replaced with a nifty storage box, and you’ll be set for the night. Don’t forget the Skottle!

Likely the only thing that could make the Withoutback better would be a manual transmission, but that all boils down to personal preference. If you felt so inclined to throw in a five- or six-speed, there are tons of them out there for relatively cheap. After all, the asking price of $3,000 total for the Subaru leaves a bit of wiggle room if you’ve got more mods in mind.

Steven Money Via Facebook Marketplace

You can check out the Facebook ad for it here, but do this guy a favor and don’t shoot over any lowball offers. It’d definitely cost more than $3K to build this, so his asking price is far from outrageous.

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