$5,900 Can Get You This Rare 1992 Subaru SVX With a Five-Speed Manual Transmission

In case you’re wondering. No, the SVX wasn’t offered with a manual from the factory.

byJames Gilboy|
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You'd think that with a new $5 charge to list a car for sale, Craigslist wouldn't be the place to find obscure or strangely modified vehicles anymore. Fortunately, you'd be wrong, because we just came across something that's exactly that: a Subaru SVX (a rarity on its own) with a manual transmission.

Those of you who've never heard of the SVX have a good reason to be confused with Subaru's range-topping car from 1991. This two-plus-two had tons of tech for its era such as automatic seatbelts, a CD player, and keyless entry. Not to mention its sleek styling and funky side windows. Sadly, it came at a time when Subaru wasn't associated with upscale or high-tech, so it simply flopped in the United States. Under the hood, its 3.3-liter, 231-horsepower flat-six was paired with a four-speed automatic that helped the SVX deliver a zero-to-60 time of seven seconds.

Subaru SVX, Craigslist

It wasn't a status symbol, and it certainly wasn't very fast, so what was it? 1990s America didn't know either, so Subaru only sold 14,257 SVXs during a seven-year period, according to Car Sales Base. Many have since disappeared into junkyards, but the loyalty of Subaru owners—bless their hearts—have kept many of them on the road. And clearly, some have even been tastefully modified, such as this example right here.

Instead of the factory four-speed, this SVX with 164,000 miles uses the five-speed manual from a Subaru Legacy, according to the listing. While the owner insists that this lets the SVX deliver 22 mpg on the highway despite its full-time all-wheel-drive, what really matters is that this SVX offers a driving experience you can't get anywhere else. Good looks, a manual transmission, AWD, a Porsche-like soundtrack, and the respect of every bystander at Radwood. The only thing that could improve this delightful package would be accessible spark plugs, but that's the price you pay for owning a Subaru.

Subaru SVX, Craigslist