GMC Sierra Duramax ‘Go-Kart’ Is a 650-HP Off-Road Deathtrap

It's like a homemade Ariel Nomad—on steroids.

Ever wondered what happens when you rip off the cab and bed of a heavy-duty pickup truck? Well, you get one giant go-kart-looking thing with a massive engine. If you don’t believe us, just ask YouTuber WhistlinDiesel.

Your average go-kart, golf cart, or recreational all-terrain vehicle is essentially a ladder frame with two axles, four wheels, and a motor of some sort. So low and behold, that’s basically what we have here; the remnants of a second-generation GMT902 GMC Sierra HD pickup truck.

The build began by removing all of the truck’s body parts, leaving one big and badass wide-open Duramax diesel-powered off-roader, or “LBZ Duramax GoCart” as its creator calls it. With around 365 horsepower and 660 pound-feet of torque when stock, the old Duramax motor wasn’t short of power to begin with, so we can’t imagine how bonkers this thing is now with nearly half the truck’s original weight gone.

Despite both of the video titles above claiming the off-roader has 600 and 650 horsepower, there’s no specific mention of what’s been done to the engine to achieve such figure, aside from a “tune” that got it from 600 to 650 between the last two videos posted to the channel.

The host doesn’t hesitate to put his creation to the test, spending a good amount of time hooning this thing in the mud, water, and just about everywhere else. One of the videos also shows him doing hard launches on a cornfield and a massive burnout on a country road.

Regardless of how much horsepower it actually has or whether it’s a legit off-roader that could keep up with purpose-built crawlers or pre-runners, there’s no denying this is one seriously fun machine.