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Aston Martin DBX Will Come With Optional Gun Cabinet, Portable Dog Washer

It's all part of the company's newest active lifestyle line.

Aston Martin is releasing a line of high-end accessories to accompany the release of the DBX, the company’s first SUV, this December. Buyers can choose from one of eleven different adventure- and lifestyle-themed packages to match their ultra-luxe family hauler, including bespoke creations for the tech whiz and outdoorsman in the family. 

The DBX will easily be the most practical Aston Martin ever made and the company’s first vehicle that might be legitimately capable of going off-road. It’s not surprising, then, that the automaker has seized the opportunity to offer adventure accessories for owners to live their best lives in the new Aston

The different accessory packages cater to a variety of posh lifestyle activities. Puppy owners can bring along their four-legged friends with the Pet Package, which includes a portable washer, a rear bumper protector, a dog accessory pack, and a dog partition to keep your pet close but not too close. On the other end of the spectrum, the Field Sport package comes with a gun cabinet and shooting stick, so there’s no need to transfer the gun rack over from the old Dodge Ram pickup.

Additional notable accessory kits include the Touring Package that features a four-piece luggage set; the Interior Protection Package that includes all-weather floormats and seat protectors; and the Event Package that comes with seats and a picnic blanket. Some of the packages may seem a little corny or even out of touch with reality, but buyers of a $200,000 ultra-luxury SUV aren’t necessarily concerned with your reality. 

Besides, anything that encourages luxury SUV owners to actually use their vehicles off the beaten path is a win in our book.