This One-of-Three 1996 Ford Indigo Can Be Yours for $195,000—But There’s a Catch

Out of the three in existence, one of them is owned by Ford and the other by a private collector. But this one, this one could be yours.

byChris Tsui|
This One-of-Three 1996 Ford Indigo Can Be Yours for $195,000—But There’s a Catch

Plucked from a '90s auto show booth and onto Facebook Marketplace is a 1996 Ford Indigo concept car. Listed for sale for $195,000, this racy retro machine was touted as the race car of the future back in the day, and it was even featured in numerous video games, including the legendary Need for Speed II for PC in 1997. However, even with its eye-watering price tag, there's a catch: This unit is actually a rolling chassis, or a "roller," meaning that it doesn't have an engine.

The Plymouth-Prowler-meets-Ford-GT speedster's looks are undoubtedly awesome, but nearly $200k for a 23-year-old car that doesn't actually move seems a bit steep...until you learn that there are apparently just three of these things in the entire planet. According to the seller, the fully functioning model is still owned by the Ford Motor Company while another roller is believed to exist without an interior or functional doors—two things which this one has. This particular Indigo roller was purchased from Ford by the seller and does have a finished interior as well as the cool gullwing doors that you'll enjoy opening and closing every chance you get.

Curt Major/Facebook Marketplace

While this specific example is engine-less, the functional one in Ford's possession features a mid-mounted 6.0-liter V12 that pumps out 435 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque—and it’s also mounted directly to the chassis. According to Road & Track, this V12 was made up of two Ford Taurus Duratec V6s put together. The engine went on to power a number of '00s Aston Martins when Ford owned the brand.

For car nuts of a certain age, seeing this listing will likely conjure fond memories of NFSII, which featured the Indigo as one of the game's fastest cars. Well-heeled Ford collectors, NFS superfans, and 1996 Detroit Auto Show cosplayers, step right up.

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