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A New McLaren Supercar Might Have Just Leaked on Instagram

McLaren Special Operations confirmed last year that it was working on something very special, and this could be it.

Eleven months ago, McLaren confirmed that its skunkworks division MSO (McLaren Special Operations) was working on a limited-run superpercar codenamed BC-03 (Bespoke Commission 03). There was little in the way of updates on this project until last Thursday, when alleged renderings of the BC-03 and at least one photo thereof surfaced on social media.

Instagram user “supercarpress” uploaded an album of six images, one of a real car and five renderings, that it claims are of the BC-03. Some details of the car photographed match those of the car in the renderings, including the shapes of the rear aerodynamic elements, the front fender, and location of the exhaust exits—although the car photographed lacks the vertical taillights depicted in the renderings. This detail was one of several linking the BC-03 to the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo Concept, of which the BC-03 was rumored to be a realization.

supercarpress on Instagram

The car’s overall shape suggests that like the track-focused Senna that came before it, the BC-03 may be based on the 720S. One of the BC-03’s alleged buyers, Instagram user dan_am_i, claimed that the car will use an altogether new type of carbon fiber in its construction. Another account, cardesignworld, has republished the above renderings with the claim that the BC-03 will generate 1,150 horsepower, and that only five will be produced. It’s unclear whether they’re just repeating the same rumor from last year, though the fact that they aren’t the renderings’ original source implies so.

We contacted McLaren for comment on whether these renderings are, indeed of the BC-03, but the marque declined to offer a statement.

“McLaren Special Operations (MSO) works on a variety of unique customer projects at any given time and we don’t comment on these projects or speculation about them,” a spokesperson told The Drive.