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2019 BMW Motorrad R nineT /5 Celebrates Berlin Plant’s 50th Anniversary

'Classic, authentic, original, and air-cooled.'

BMW Motorrad’s Berlin Spandau plant has been in operation for 50 years and as such, for the plant’s semicentennial anniversary, the company has unveiled the limited edition 2019 BMW Motorrad R nineT /5. 

When demand increased for BMW’s automobiles in the late 1960s, the brand made the decision to move its Motorrad motorcycle division to Berlin. The plant opened in 1969 and debuted its first motorcycles with the /5 designation which signaled a new chassis, retuned air-cooled engines, and a new design language. According to BMW, those new /5 models “saw instant success” and became instant classics among the motorcycle community. With that in mind, to celebrate the factory’s lasting imprint on the brand’s history, BMW is launching this limited edition R nineT

Based around the already excellent R nineT, the /5 features the same 1,170 cc boxer engine and produces 110 horsepower. Spoke wheels, twin-disc brakes, ABS, heated grips, and a 2-in-1 exhaust system all come standard. Changes to the R nineT mostly revolve around the motorcycle’s cosmetics, including a new Lupine Blue metallic paint with a smoke effect, pinstriped fuel tank which also “bears the anniversary emblem, and the chroming of the rear mirrors, exhaust manifold, and exhaust. 

The R nineT /5 also gets a new seat. Harking back to BMW’s /5 “historical archetype,” the two-up seat is contoured to the motorcycle’s design and history and features a “/5” embossment and white piping. That same type of embossment is carried over to motorcycle’s front forks. 

BMW Motorrad

According to BMW, the R nineT /5 is mean to rekindle “the tradition and flair of the BMW /5 models” and spark “memories” of an era that was “defined by upheaval, rock music, and a powerful sense of freedom.” As such, it brings back the classic design, “but in a contemporary form.” 

The BMW R nineT /5 will be available soon, however, BMW Motorrad hasn’t announced how much the heritage edition motorcycle will cost compared to its standard $15,495 brethren. If we had to hazard a guess, the R nineT /5 will cost a little bit extra on top of that $15,000 price tag.