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2023 Nissan Frontier Adds Wireless CarPlay, Starts at $29,190

All trim levels of the Frontier get a price bump, some minor cosmetic changes, and a new Midnight Edition.

byChris Rosales|
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The new Nissan Frontier is already one year old. We’ve reviewed it, talked about its old tech, and compared it directly to the previous Frontier. There is still no denying that modern updates are welcome. For 2023, Nissan has tweaked the model line slightly, added some new features, and bumped the price up $500 up to $29,190 base.

Regarding new features, the rugged Nissan truck streamlines packages and adds some appearance options. A Midnight Edition allows customers to commit to the most fashionable color, with black badges, wheels, mirrors, grille, bumpers, interior accents, and black accented lighting assemblies. It’s fairly standard Nissan fare available on other models, just brought forward to the Frontier.


Some trims of the Frontier get more standard equipment as well. The SV Crew Cab long wheelbase gets the SV Convenience package as standard, which comes with a heated steering wheel, heated seats, a spray-in bedliner, and an assortment of bed accessories. The most welcome of the changes is the addition of wireless Apple CarPlay to the PRO-X and PRO-4X, with a minor change in stitching from black to Lava Red in the same models. 

It’s unclear if the lower trims get wireless CarPlay. If they don’t, that is pretty disappointing. But on the whole, the changes to the first model year of Frontier are incredibly minimal. Frankly, there isn’t much to change. The $29,190 base price is for a full stripper-spec truck with two-wheel-drive and no options. For the cheapest 4x4 Frontier S crew cab, it will be $33,490, up from $32,990. The PRO-4X top trim truck also sees an increase to a steeper $38,720 from an already steep $38,120.

It also seems there are no mechanical updates like a telescoping steering wheel or general refinements to engine and transmission calibration. Though with only one year on the market, it’s highly unlikely that Nissan would have changed anything. 

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