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Amazon Has Jump Starters and Car Battery Maintainers on Sale Right Now

Battery tenders are essential for storing a car in the winter. And having a jump starter on hand isn't a bad idea either.

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Cold weather is hard on car batteries, and quickly closing-in winter means some of our cars are going into storage while road salt is out. That makes now a good time to grab a battery maintainer to toss on your hibernating classic or pick up a jump starter to keep in your trunk. Even if you don’t need it, it can be nice to boost somebody else’s car without having to open your own hood and deal with jumper cables.

This DeWalt unit (22% off) is a great resource since it’s a jump starter, tire inflator, and portable power station (and comes from a reputable brand) so I might be copping that one myself to toss the trunk of my winter beater. But in my experience, off-brand battery maintainers and chargers work just fine. And a cheap one is absolutely better than nothing if you don’t want your stored car’s battery to be kaput come springtime. Here are a handful of the more enticing deals I found around Amazon this week.

If you’re looking for brand-name stuff, CTEK and Battery Tender units (the main names in this space) are not on sale right now but I’ll link to them if you’re less budget-sensitive:

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