Look At This Fast 8 Dodge Charger With a Turbine Engine

And listen to those glorious revs.

bySean Evans|
Dodge News photo


Another day, another peek at some incredible sheet metal from the filming of Fast 8. The latest look is this modded Dodge Charger, dubbed the “Ice Charger,” which will be driven by Vin Diesel’s character Dom Toretto. Dom is often found in the bucket seat of some sort of souped-up Mopar goodness, but this menacing silver bullet looks particularly aggressive, especially with those bolted-on windows, severe fender flares and fat rear tires.

Of course, you won't notice any of that right away. The first thing your eyes will be drawn to is that honking helicopter-sourced turbine engine protruding from the trunk. While it seems likely that lump is just a bit of Hollywood prop magic instead of a functioning powerplant motivating the rear tires, it still looks foreboding and impressive. It’s equally unclear what sort of engine is under the hood—but what's undeniable is that it sounds marvelous in the moment it revs up. Turn up your volume and hear it for yourself in the Instagram post below

Earlier this month, one of the Fast 8 film units rolled into New York City for a weekend of stunt driving, bringing a diverse and impressive crop of vehicles. We sent a photographer to shoot the cars in Times Square, on Fifth Avenue, and in lower Manhattan, resulting in some stunning pictures. Some eagle-eyed readers noted that the red C2-generation Corvette was the very same Stingray featured in an earlier video from our /DRIVE counterparts. Sadly, a recent photo shared by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seems to indicate that poor ‘Vette has met a tragic demise.

Hopefully, the crushed coupe is just a shell, and the real C2 will live to wreak widebody havoc another day. Regardless—with each batch of leaked set photos, we’re getting more excited about Fast 8.

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