Someone Park a Lambo at 50 Cent’s Connecticut Home

Signs of increasing desperation to unload the rap mogul's 21-bed spread.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson would very much like you, or anyone you may know or could meet, to buy his Connecticut mansion. It’s been on the market for eight years, and he’s only asking $8.5 million. Please.

The rapper’s recent bankruptcy filing hasn’t much to do with his real estate lasting. The 21-bedroom, 25-bathroom estate—once owned by boxer Mike Tyson—first went on sale in 2007 for $18.5 million. The price has been cut as many times as Fiddy has claimed to have taken gunshots (that would be nine). It also has been left intact, which is more than can be said about his other home on Long Island, which suspiciously burned to the ground in 2008.

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You won’t find any of 50’s signature Lamborghini Murciélagos on the driveway of this 17-acre, 50,000-square-foot home, which features an indoor pool and gold sinks, but nothing too over the top. The oddest feature has to be the property itself. The town of Farmington is, by and large, affluent, but its neighborhoods are filled with conservatively dressed New England colonials. And 50’s home is in the middle of relative nowhere, a good 60 miles from Connecticut’s New York-adjacent Fairfield County, one of the nation’s wealthiest per-capita areas.

Farmington realtor Rob Giuffria told the Hartford Courant that 50 should cut the price further.

“Eight-point-five million? Not a chance,” he said. “50 would have a better chance being a country music singer.”